mermaidCSYP is a non-profit organization that provides an educational forum for children to learn musical theater skills. The organization’s goal is to help youth develop their talents, self-esteem and imagination in a fun, safe and stimulating environment through rehearsals, performances and classes.

This year, over 4500 children will be exposed to the magic of musical theater through a CSYP program. They will be audience members, participants in workshops and classes, and performers in live productions.

CSYP was founded to provide children from all racial, economic and social backgrounds a place where they can develop individual talents while being a vital part of a group. Any child who has an interest in or passion for any element of musical theater is welcomed through our doors.

Youth come to CSYP in search of an outlet for their unique talents. Some are already aware of their talents, but lack the means (financial or otherwise) to nurture their skills and take them even further. Others, may have the financial means, but haven’t found a place to explore their own talents. Some are simply looking for something creative and fun to do in their after-school hours.

Since CSYP is an educational forum, we offer our programs on a first come, first serve basis – not by audition only. In addition, we offer tuition trades and discounts for youth and families needing a financial break and for multiple family members. By doing so, we have opened the doors to youth who may not have otherwise been able to participate in our program.

A Letter from the Center Stage Producers

We are often asked what sets us apart from other youth theater companies along the Wasatch Front. It’s a great question. We live in an area where there are many, MANY talented youth, and in a culture that is extremely supportive of the arts. As a result, there are many wonderful Arts education related programs, and we celebrate them all.

We are different, because although we are teaching acting, dance and vocal skills, our mission is to teach underlying skill sets that will be of benefit to our CSYP students, whether or not they go on to pursue careers in theater performance or education. Teamwork, work ethic, accountability and individual value are at the core of all we do. Every child has a unique package of talents and we are committed to helping them to discover some of the things that make them wonderful! We set high expectations, not because every one of our students will one day perform on Broadway, but because every one of them will benefit from increased confidence and the ability to present themselves well.

Some of our students will only stay with us for one semester, and others will start with us at age 5 and stay in our programs until they turn 18. Some students will come to us with extensive theatrical experience and others will come to us with no experience, just the desire to learn. We believe that great expectations plus hard work equals great results. CSYP is a wonderful place to be!

– Lori Sanders and Annie Luke